Given its expertise in the field of Microwave and optical components, Microtech has reinforced its investments in the fields of:

  • Photonic components and modules development and production,
  • Opto-Electronic Integration and packaging of components and modules based on Silicon Photonics and Indium Phosphide platform as well as hybrid integration.
  • Tunable lasers (Microtech has all the required technologies to develop and produce component and systems).

photonics_001Microtech targets high-end components and subsystems (currently from 10 up to 100 Gb/s) and focuses on low and mid-volumes applications, prototyping and ramp-up assistance for high volumes.

Extensive state of the art know how and network (supply chain, equipment suppliers, universities and research institutes) was gathered through European projects and comes from the team members back ground.

Photonic integration and Packaging Service (download pdf)

The gathered know how on photonic integration and packaging of components and modules based on Silicon Photonics, Indium Phosphide as well as hybrid integration technology platforms, is now being made available for you by Microtech.
Main expertise in photonic product development is on High Frequency applications. In addition, this is currently being extended towards lower frequencies and even DC photonic modules and applications.
Our Packaging Service ranges from design up to production, from simple packaging to complete modules or even packaging process development and characterization for high volume applications. Stepwise we are integrating the design rules for using our standard (prototyping) packages and customized packages in the OptoDesigner software, from PhoeniX Software. Contact us for more information or go directly to the PhoeniX Software website.

photonics_003In order to make prototyping more cost efficient, Linkra organizes regular Multi Project Packaging runs (MPPr’s). For more information, schedule and participation instructions: (MPPr’s).

Photonic One-Stop Shop (downolad pdf)

In order to facilitate ease of access to the photonic technology, even for companies with limited or no photonic know how, Microtech started a Photonics One stop shop for both production and engineering. Linkra fills in the blanks in the companies know how or production line.

Microtech participates in several European projects