Microtech core competence has always been in the field of, state-of-the-art, design and development of microwave components and modules for the Telecom market and afterwards for the Aerospace and Defense Industries.

Key Microwave competences

  • Linear and Non-Linear MW design capabilities up to 80 GHz (GaAS and GaN based MMICs).
  • ITAR free MW modules design compliant to MIL-STD specifications.
  • Development of high performances active and passive MW modules:
    • Amplifiers: Ka Bands, ultra-Low Noise (Noise Figure
    • Oscillators: Ka-band, High spectral purity, wide tuneability bandwidth, Low Phase Noise (
    • Receiver Protectors: High Power (up to 2 kW pulsed operation) L and X band solid state technology.
  • High integration level from MW module to sub systems: development of complete boards with Micro controller and FPGA design capability (firmware and VDHL designs).

Microtech is in particular specialized in the following types of microwave products: digital controller attenuators amplifiers, limiters, mixers, switches, transceivers, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO).