The recently signed biannual cooperation agreement between Linkra and TeCIP INPHOTEC gives access to new R&D, engineering and production features to the photonics supply chain. Core of the agreement is applying the combined advanced industrial assets, capabilities and processes in designing and manufacturing of competitive Photonic packaging services.

This ranges from the development, prototyping and manufacturing of small to medium volume production to Photonic packaging process development and qualification for high volume production. This specially applies for opto-electronic devices requiring a high degree of integration, including   electronics for control, readout modules, etc. as well as hardware and firmware.

The already available vast amount of equipment for test, characterization and calibration of the photonic products, modules and (sub) assemblies, is expanded even further.

The cooperation fits well in LINKRA acting as One-Stop-Shop for Photonic devices development and production. In addition, it helps INPHOTEC focusing even more on industrial relevant topics and proving its industrialization.

Photonic technologies covered are amongst others Silicon on Isolator (SOI), Silicon Nitride, Silicon Micromachining and micro optics. Typical applications are TOSA / ROSA, optical link, optical interconnects, optical back panel, power over fiber, sensing, fiber optic sensing readout for markets like Telecom, Datacom, Defence, Aerospace and Medica